About our School

Welcome to PinkBerry International School

PinkBerry International School located at 11, Ezeasor Street, Odume-Layout Obosi, Anambra State, is a brand name in academic excellence. We have as our mantra that every child is born intelligent and should therefore,be groomed/nurtured to achieve excellence in his or her future endeavour. We therefore prepare our pupils for the exigencies of the future.

We equally ensure that every child is brought up to be morally sound and respectful to his or her elders and the society at large.
Our serene environment is most ideal in nurturing children to achieve their desired goal.

Presently, we offer Crèche, Nursery and Basic education with our state of the art facilities.

Our parents/guardians are equal stakeholders in our quest for academic excellence as they are always carried along in all activities of the school.

Our Vision

To create a world class learning environment where every child participant will overcome all challenges and become the best amongst equal.

Our Mission

To practicalize our belief that every child is born indigenous thereby raising Godly children that will rule their contemporaries.